iOS Games

Coming Soon
Handle the bubble from birth to end to avoid deadly spades. Quick-save and rewind at anytime to execute the perfect shot before it's too late.

Elsa's gone
... or she's not; help her to escape this reality and be free.

iOS Apps

access and play your favorite webcasts.
Closer & Closer
a countdown application to use for last moments before a special event.

contains all irregular english verbs, for a total of 348 verbs, with simple past, past participle and definition.

the simplest tip calculator on your iPhone.

Mac Apps

Tea Box
manage easily all yours projects by adding all you files and folders, web links, images and text contents.

File Comparator
your best friend to find and manage all duplicates on your Mac.

Web Apps

open webcasts directory.

Closer Online
create and watch countdowns online.

Who's Next
helps you to save all birthday and reminder you be e-mail.

iVerb Online
contains all irregular english verbs.

Old Projects

Automator Plug-ins



SMIL A BrainF**k Compiler using LLVM